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Earn Free Cash Every Month With The VITAL Card




The World’s First and Only Social Credit Card | The Credit Card That Pays You To Share

How it works

  • Share VITAL Card – VITAL rewards you based on how many friends you sign up. You also get credit for everyone your friends bring in and even their friends too!
  • Grow your VITAL score – Your VITAL Score determines how much cash you earn every month. The more you share, the higher your score grows:
    • Every time you sign up a friend to VITAL you earn 4 points towards your VITAL Score
    • You get an additional 2 points for everyone your friend signs up and another 1 point for the people they sign up
  • Earn Cash Rewards – Your cash rewards are deposited straight into your account every month, even if you have no additional shares that month, the rewards keep coming!

VITAL will be going live sometime early this year.  Head over here to get early access and start growing your score!

This is such a great offer and definitely one worth looking into.  Just getting one person to sign up will get you around $8 per month, FOREVER (not just a one time payment).


How to get started with VITAL ↵

  • Sign up with them here
  • Then share your unique link
    • Every sign up has the potential to make you $8 to $100 per month depending on spending habits
  • The more people that sign up, the more you can make per month
  • Encourage the people that you get to sign up to sign up others because you can make money off of their signups as well

Netflix Raising Prices of Standard and Premium Plans

Netflix announced yesterday that, for the first time in a couple years, they will be raising plan prices:

⇒ The cost of the “standard” plan will increase from $9.99/month to $10.99/month

⇒ The cost of the “premium” plan will increase from $11.99/month to $13.99/month

⇒ The cost of the “basic” plan will stay the same at $7.99/month

As of yesterday, new members signing up for plans will pay the above revised prices.  Current Netflix subscribers will be notified about the price hikes later in October.

The price increases are due to the increased costs of Netflix’s original programming shows.


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