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The Best Things To Buy In January

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Waiting until just the right moment to buy something is one of the best things you can do to save money.

Bath and Bed Linens

Do you know where the term “White Sales” originated?  Here’s a history lesson for you.

In 1878, John Wanamaker introduced the first “White Sale” when he wanted to increase his sales during the slow winter months and offered a discount on bed linens (which at the time were only available in white).

Thus, January is the month when department stores host “white sales” to clear out their existing inventory of sheets, towels, blankets and more.   Look for bedding discounts up to 50-70% from such retailers as Kohl’s, Target, and Macy’s.  Savings will be especially deep on clearance items.

Fitness Equipment / Gym Memberships

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As many people have losing weight as their new years resolution, retailers slash prices on fitness equipment (even large ones like treadmills) in January to lure consumers.

For the same reason, January is usually a good time to sign up for a gym membership.  Many gyms offer special rates and other perks such as no sign up fees or free personal training sessions (don’t be afraid to ask if they don’t outright offer it).

Be sure not to lock yourself into a long term agreement if you’re unsure you’ll use it for the whole year.  Also, it is wise to read of all of the fine print when signing up.

Gift Cards

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Lots of people receive gifts cards during the holiday season, with many now looking to get rid of their unwanted ones for cash.  Check out various gift card exchange websites to buy at a discounted rate.

Here are a few to try out:

  • (<- Get a $5 credit for using this link to sign up!)
  • eBay

They usually sell for up to 35% less than face value, although ~10% seems to be the norm for more popular stores. The more in demand a card is, the less of a discount you will get.

Jewelry / Watches

Business is typically slow for jewelers right after Christmas until Valentine’s Day, so you are likely to find some great deals during this time.

As far as watches go,  January is, too, a better than usual time to buy.  This is largely due to a variety of deals from retailers such as Amazon, Ashford, and The Watchery.  You’ll likely see discounts on brands such as Casio, Timex, Movado, and TAG Heuer.

Honorable Mention:
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Tax Software
  • TVs & Electronics – just before the Super Bowl, retailers normally discount their selections of HDTVs and other home-theater essentials (such as soundbars)
  • Video Games
  • Winter Clothing

The Best Things To Buy In June

Waiting until just the right moment to buy something is one of the best things you can do to save money.


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June is National Dairy Month and dairy manufacturers will be heavily promoting their products.   You’ll notice an increase in the amount of sales and coupons on items such as yogurt, cheese, and ice cream.  Be sure to stack your coupons with in-store specials!

Dishes / Silverware

Early summer (June) is the peak of wedding season as well as the start of graduation season and many are adding dishware to their registries.  As a result, retailers respond with enticing promotions on fine china and dishware, making it the perfect time to purchase such items.

Look for deals from 25 to 50% off regular retail prices!  Deals will be promoted via email, fliers, social media, etc.

Gym Memberships

New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten and most people would simply prefer to be outdoors in the nice weather, making June a good time to negotiate or find greats deals on gym memberships.  Gyms will be competing for your business by lowering rates as new membership rates plummet.

Lack of demand = decrease in prices.


store guide

Each June, you can typically find deals on lingerie across a few retailers, led by the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale.  This sale typically lasts 3 to 4 weeks and features discounts up to 70% of a number of items.  Look for discounts from retailers such as Frederick’s of Hollywood, Soma and Sears as well.

Tools / Hardware

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Father’s Day is upcoming this month, and as a result, you can find some great bargains on tools both online and at local home improvement stores.  There will be deals on everything from full tool sets to power drills, as retailers compete for business.

Tools rarely go on sale, so now might be a good time to stock up for your next DIY project.


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