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Distinct Items on eBay

There is no better place for anyone to buy or sell anything — whether a unique product, new release, or a product somewhere in the middle of these — than eBay. When eBay launched as an e-commerce platform in 1995, the founder Pierre Omidyar was hoping to create a marketplace where people could meet to buy and sell online. When it was launched, it was initially called AuctionWeb with a broken laser pointer being the first sale.

How did eBay Happen?

The change to eBay from AuctionWeb happened in 1997, two years after its launch. Pierre had decided on using Echo Bay as a cooler, new name but was disappointed to find out the domain name had already been taken. He then decided to settle for a shortened form of the name which gave birth to eBay.com.

The growth of the company over the years has been great as it has acquired close to 60 companies and its popularity continues to soar. Companies like Gumtree, Up4Sale, StumbleUpon, iBazar, as well as data tool company Terapeak Inc. which is eBay’s latest, are some of its acquisitions over time.

eBay Today

Regarded as one of the most successful e-commerce company in the world with a revenue of US $8.97 billion, the company has a workforce of about 12,600 employees. The headquarters of the company is located in San Jose, California, U.S.

As of 2017, eBay boasts of 6.7 million sellers and buyers who can be traced to 190 various markets, and active users numbering over 168 million.

The Best-selling Items on eBay

Buyers can find almost anything for sales on eBay. Examples are shoes, smartphones, TVs, clothes, computers, fragrances, and office supplies. These items are the common items which are put up for sale on the platform. There are also the fast-selling items and nice promotions going on, which are quite popular on the market.

These include collectibles (with a selling rate of 1 per second) while every 5 seconds a pair of shoes is sold. There is also tablets with one tablet selling every 14 seconds. With over 3,000 searches per second on the platform every moment of the day, the rate at which the items are sold is really no surprise.

Unusual Items for Sale on eBay

If you are already done buying the common items you need, then you can also find some very unusual items to buy on eBay. Some people have sold towns, others a piece of Mars (the chocolate bar) and some have gone as far as putting up their life for sale — and getting a buyer! Don’t get the wrong idea, the life that was put up for sale meant everything the person owned: house, friends, and job if you get accepted.

Some people also put up other humans as well as family members up for sale. If there were no laws against human trafficking, then we would have also had buyers for these uncommon items.


If you’d like to read more about this giant e-commerce company, check out this infographic and you will find out there is a lot to know about the company.  Both stats and facts, there are still numerous things you will find to learn!

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