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Money Saving Quest Garage Sale Tips


A garage sale is a great way to earn extra money, while getting rid of clutter. Can’t beat that!

As I set out to host one of my own, I thought I’d share some of the more helpful tips I’ve come across to make it worth the time and effort. Leave a comment to share your own 🙂

Beginning Steps

  • Choose when (what day and what time) to hold the sale
    • Saturdays are still the most popular
  • Check the weather forecast beforehand
  • Choose where
    • The more traffic in the area, the better
    • Location is important just as it is in a retail environment
  • Start accumulating items (as well as pricing and sorting them) weeks before the sale

Advertise (very important step)

  • Craigslist & Facebook are excellent options to post a garage sale ad
    • Flyers on bulletin boards can also be beneficial, as well as newspaper ads
  • Make sure to note “No Early Birds, please” in your ads


  • Make sure the text is READABLE using bold markers (sharpies)
  • Write the date/time of the sale, your street name, and an arrow pointing in the right direction
  • Strategically place in areas with a lot of nearby traffic (the night before)
  • Don’t forget to take all signs down after the sale!


  • It is best to price as many items as you can
  • Price things evenly with round numbers – i.e. $2 instead of $1.80
  • Price your items to move – look at it objectively and expect people to haggle
  • Place bigger price tags on bigger items
  • Price and color code items prior to the sale
    • Example: “Green = 50 cents; Blue = $1; Red = $2.”
  • Pricing Guide


  • Mow the lawn
  • Organization is key – display all CDs / books / etc. together
  • Display higher end (nicer) items towards end of driveway
  • Display items on tables, racks, or shelves – not on the ground
    • Hang clothes with hangars on a rack
  • Clean items that have collected dust, have stains, etc.
  • During your sale, keep your tables attractive by filling in the empty spots as things get sold
  • Have extension cords on hand to test electronics if needed


  • Designate one person as the money taker
    • Wear a fanny pack or apron to keep all cash and change organized
    • Have plenty of change available:
      • Example – four $10 bills, five $5 bills, 25 $1 bills, 1 roll of quarters ($10)
  • Donate what is left over for a tax deduction

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