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DIY Kids Lego Table (Cheap and Super Simple!)


I’ve been wanting to build my son a Lego table for awhile now and have finally gotten around to it.   The table is a nice size for him and was very easy to put together.  The bottom shelf provides a lot of storage for accessories, instruction booklets, etc.  Parker loves it!

* Note: If you’re looking for a bigger table, check out the one on Ikea’s website.  You’ll also need 4 more baseplates in addition to the supplies noted below.

Supplies I used:
  1. hammer iconPut the Ikea Lack Coffee Table together according to included instructions
  2. body, centimeter, diet, fitness, measure, meter, tape measure iconMeasure to find the center of the table
  3. glue, gun iconendangered, gorilla iconOnce you find the center, glue the middle two Lego plates onto it
  4. glue iconGlue the outside base plates on around the middle two
  5. Let the glue dry
  6.  Image result for storage bin iconAdd any accessories you wish (storage bins, etc.)

See the source imagetable icon

equals iconcake iconPiece of cake!

DIY Coloring Books With Colorscape

Want to turn your photos into coloring pages?

Colorscape is an iOS app that takes any image and creates an outline that you can color in – on the screen, on paper or both.

  • Download the free app called Colorscape (iPhone only currently)
    • Sketch Guru and Sketch My Photo are a few Android alternatives
  • Choose a picture from your camera or from the web
  • Email the image to yourself
  • Print each image out on paper (or print at Staples / FedEx Office / etc.)
  • Take to Staples / FedEx Office / etc. to have them bind the pages together to make into a booklet

Here is an example:


How to Clean Your Gutters (DIY)

Why pay someone when you can do it yourself?

How to Clean Your Gutters

Read More from Marion J. Lougheed at Angie’s List

DIY: My Basement Project

Disclaimer / A little back story:

I am probably one of the most UNHANDY people I know.  But I never stop trying to improve. 

Thus, any suggestions I offer or processes I use are not necessarily the best.

Anyways, the basement in my house is in rough shape and hasn’t been taken care of in years.  I’ve been wanting to make SOMETHING out of it, though.  Mainly an extra room for my kids to play.

I will be sharing my journey in trying to transform my basement on a budget.  Please follow along 🙂

I figure I don’t have a lot to lose with this project (can’t mess it up too much more!).

One other thing to note – I do not have a lot of time & money to spend on things like this.  Therefore I will be trying to find the least cost effective ways/items to do so.  However, there are a few things I’ll need professionally fixed: the ceiling and carpeting on the stairs leading down.



  • Paint over wood paneling
  • Paint trim (in progress)
  • Floor – Interlocking Foam Flooring + Area Rug


Pictures as of 11/3:

IMG_0015IMG_0014 IMG_0013

DIY: Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Why buy carpet cleaner when you can make your own 🙂






[vinegar is a great item to have around for cleaning tasks]


* First, be sure to treat the stain right away (blot the initial spill with a paper towel)

  • Use salt
    • Pour immediately over spill. Wait 15 minutes and then vacuum up
    • The salt will absorb the spill
  • Use white vinegar
    • Put some vinegar into a spritzer bottle and spray the stains liberally. Let the solution stand for a few minutes before wiping up
      • A scrub brush can be used to brush the vinegar into carpet
    • Mixing salt with the vinegar helps soaks up the wetness of the stain
    • Mix corn starch with the vinegar for tougher stains
      • Spread the solution over the stain and allow it to harden
  • Club Soda
    • Pour onto cloth and press into stain until it is removed
  • Baking Soda
    • More of an odor remover/neutralizer than a stain remover
    • Spread over carpet and gently rub in; let it set in for a few hours before vacuuming

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