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What Victor Cruz Did With His First Paycheck

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Many professional athletes like to spurge or go on spending sprees when they receive their first big paycheck. However, Victor Cruz took a more conservative approach, by putting his first big paycheck into a savings account and not spending any of it.

That first check was probably the largest check I’ve ever seen with my own eyes at that time, so I saved it. I wanted to make sure that this isn’t the last check that I receive. I wanted to make sure every check from here on out I saved and multiplied.
With help from an advisor, he vowed to stay on track financially throughout his seven year NFL career by understanding what was happening with his money.  Victor made sure that he always thought about the future and how he can make his money last.

It’s not about the right now. It’s about the longevity and making sure that your finances are taking care of you not just right now, but forever.  And making that money last for yourself, for your family and for the people that you care about.

[Read more here from CNBC]

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