DIY Kids Lego Table (Cheap and Super Simple!)


I’ve been wanting to build my son a Lego table for awhile now and have finally gotten around to it.   The table is a nice size for him and was very easy to put together.  The bottom shelf provides a lot of storage for accessories, instruction booklets, etc.  Parker loves it!

* Note: If you’re looking for a bigger table, check out the one on Ikea’s website.  You’ll also need 4 more baseplates in addition to the supplies noted below.

Supplies I used:
  1. hammer iconPut the Ikea Lack Coffee Table together according to included instructions
  2. body, centimeter, diet, fitness, measure, meter, tape measure iconMeasure to find the center of the table
  3. glue, gun iconendangered, gorilla iconOnce you find the center, glue the middle two Lego plates onto it
  4. glue iconGlue the outside base plates on around the middle two
  5. Let the glue dry
  6.  Image result for storage bin iconAdd any accessories you wish (storage bins, etc.)

See the source imagetable icon

equals iconcake iconPiece of cake!

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