Texas Woman Uses Coupon Skills to Help Hurricane Victims

PHOTO: Kimberly Gager of San Antonio, Texas, is donating her couponed goods to hurricane survivors

Another great story of one using their coupon skills to help others!

Kimberly Gager of San Antonio, Texas, admits she has a couponing addiction — but in Hurricane Harvey’s wake, she’s putting her shopping hobby to good use to help those who lost property in the storm.

“I just really want people to know, ‘Hey I’m here, I’m real. This isn’t a joke. If you need supplies, let me know,’” Gager, 39, told ABC News of the stacks of diapers, baby wipes, baby food, shampoo, deodorant, toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste and other personal hygiene supplies lining her garage.

Gager was inspired to offer up her arsenal of supplies after Harvey hit southeast Texas because she lived through Hurricane Floyd in 1999, losing her entire home in Newport News, Virginia. She said she knew the feeling of loss and devastation firsthand.

“I said, you know what? I can put these coupons to good use,” she said of the baby supply coupons she’d normally pass up. “I don’t have babies, so I usually throw those away. But I can go buy this stuff for them and put it to good use.”

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