Want a Free Pumpkin Spice Latte This Weekend? Shopkick Can Help Make That Happen.

The highly anticipated Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte has finally arrived. This weekend you can treat yourself to a FREE one by using Shopkick.

Shopkick, the shopping rewards app that lets users earn free gift cards for everyday shopping trips, has your plan to earn a $5 Starbucks gift card this weekend.
Here’s what to do once you’ve downloaded Shopkick:
  1. Invite 3 friends (And have them act. Get them walking into stores, visiting the mobile retailers, scanning products, whatever. Once your friends take an action you get 250 kicks/each.) = 750 kicks
  2. Walk-in to a few stores (Seriously, you just have to walk in to stores like American Eagle (35 kicks), TJMaxx (35 kicks), Carters (50 kicks), Fabletics (50 kicks), Charming Charlie (75 kicks), Aerie (100 kicks) and TONS more.) = 345 kicks
  3. During your weekend grocery shopping trip scan products in the aisle (i.e. Folgers Simply Gourmet Ground Coffee (25 kicks), Glad drawstring kitchen bags (25 kicks), Jimmy Dean Sausages (25 kicks), Purina Pro Dog or Cat Food (50 kicks each)) = 175 kicks

1270 kicks = $5 Starbucks Gift Card

Earn over 1,200 kicks this weekend when you walk in and scan. Plus, earn 4,400 more when you submit your receipts for select offers.

Remember that you can also earn kicks when you shop online at eBay, Groupon & more though the Shopkick app.

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