How to Hack Savings at Rite Aid, Using Plenti Points and Coupons (By Dealspotr)

Rite Aid is one of the big three drug stores in the US. Along with CVS and Walgreens, it’s a place for shoppers to purchase health, beauty, and everyday items at usually low prices. And like its competitors, Rite Aid offers a rewards program for shoppers along with frequent coupons and deals.

While Rite Aid was recently purchased by Walgreens, the two have yet to merge their couponing and rewards policies. Rite Aid’s main perks can be found in its wellness+ with Plenti points rewards program, and in its coupons and online deals. There’s a way to maximize your savings here, but it sometimes takes a deeper look into the couponing policies and rewards that Rite Aid offers to understand how.

So we, along with our Dealspotr community & some pro coupon bloggers, came up with our best Rite Aid savings hacks that can save you money each time you shop.

Sign up for the wellness+ with Plenti rewards program

In lieu of a traditional rewards card, Rite Aid offers their wellness+ with Plenti card that lets members earn two types of points. First, you’ll earn wellness+ points while shopping, which can redeem for discounts up to 20% off storewide. Wellness+ with Plenti cardholders will also earn Plenti points through this program.

Plenti is partnered with many retailers – including Macy’s, AT&T, and Mobil – and you can earn Plenti points by shopping at any of these participating stores. You can then use these points at Rite Aid to receive savings when you checkout.

This Rite Aid savings hack was submitted by One Frugal Girl.

Chat live with a pharmacist, 24/7

A benefit of your wellness+ with Plenti membership is 24/7 access to a pharmacist, via either online chat or by phone. These pharmacists are available around the clock to help you out with any medication-related questions, including side effects and drug interactions. There are also diabetes specialists available Monday – Friday. Non-wellness+ members can submit questions to a pharmacist online as well, but can’t chat live with a pharmacist like members can.

Load coupons straight to your Plenti card – no printing needed

Another perk of the wellness+ with Plenti program is the Load2Card feature. Instead of clipping coupons, you can load them from the Rite Aid site directly onto your Plenti card and have all your coupons in one place. When you swipe your card at checkout, the coupons will be automatically applied to your order.

Pro Tip: On the Rite Aid website, you can filter items by which ones have a Load2Card coupon available.

This Jet savings hack was submitted by Ashley Drewes of Closet of Free Samples.

Shop online for bonus savings

Before heading into the store, the Rite Aid website should be your first stop. With an exclusive Online Deals section, some products you buy in-store (like cosmetics and household cleaners) might be cheaper to purchase online instead. As a major help to shoppers, each product in the Online Deals section lists out any type of savings that are available on that particular item – from daily deals, to wellness+ points, to Load2Card offers.

So if you’re normally an in-store shopper, be sure to check the site first to plan your savings, and see if what you’re purchasing might be cheaper online. And be sure to check Dealspotr’s Rite Aid page for the latest coupons and promo codes.

Join the wellness+ program that fits you

Yet another perk of this rewards program are the niche benefits for certain communities – seniors, people with allergies, and people with diabetes. The wellness65+ program offers seniors a 20% discount on monthly wellness+ Wednesdays, and a free consultation with a pharmacist.

Allergy sufferers can earn bonus Plenti points with qualifying allergy relief purchases, and diabetics have access to online specialists and monthly educational e-newsletters.

This Rite Aid savings hack was submitted by Ellen LaFleche-Christian of Confessions of an Over-worked Mom.

Stack your coupons on every purchase

Rite Aid is one of the major retailers that allows coupon stacking. So, aside from the Load2Save offers you’ve already loaded to your wellness+ with Plenti card, look out for these, too:

Manufacturer Coupons

  • These are found in newspapers, magazines, and sometimes on “peelies” that are attached to the product itself. The UPCs on these coupons usually begin with a “5.”


  • These are coupons that generally appear in the weekly Rite Aid circular, or are sent in emails to customers. Their UPCs start with “49,” and they are normally labeled “manufacturer coupon” so they’re not confused with “valuable coupons.”


  • These store coupons have a UPC that starts with “48,” and are labeled as “Valuable.”

Pro Tip: Rite Aid does not offer overage if your coupon is worth more than your purchase.

Utilize rebate apps for major cash back

While stacking coupons and using your rewards card will get you so far, there is also the option to get cash back on your Rite Aid purchases. Using rebate apps like Ebates and Ibotta, you can get cash back on the things you buy most. A search for Rite Aid on either site returns multiple results, and sometimes they will offer additional savings for new signups.

Wait for a promotion to buy gift cards

While you’re not able to use Rite Aid coupons on gift card purchases, you should always wait to purchase a gift card until there’s a Plenti points promotion. Rite Aid offers gift cards to many popular retailers, and at times there are Plenti points gift card promotions that give you cash back for a certain amount spent. For example, there might be a promotion where you get $5 back on a $20 Apple gift card purchase – a.k.a. you’d get $5 to Apple free.

Get a rain check to guarantee sale prices

You’re allowed to ask for a rain check at Rite Aid when a product that’s on sale sells out. For example, if Crest toothpaste is on sale, but out of stock, you’re guaranteed to get that sale price when it comes back in stock – but only if you get a rain check. Some stores may even take into account the Plenti points you’d be receiving for purchasing the item without a rain check.

Shop the beauty section guilt-free

Drug store beauty hauls are becoming all the rage with beauty bloggers and regular shoppers alike. At Rite Aid, you don’t have to be worried about buying the wrong shade of foundation or the wrong color mascara. Their Money Back Beauty Guarantee allows you to return any makeup product, used or unused, for a full refund with a valid receipt.


You can read more Rite Aid couponing hacks on this forum thread.


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