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Amazon: Luxury Beauty Sample Box (Get $19.99 Credit)

Luxury Beauty Sample Box $19.99 shipped (contains 20 samples)

+ Get a $19.99 equivalent credit towards your next purchase of select luxury beauty products

Includes samples from Julep, Jane Iredale, La Roche-Posay, and more

Walmart: Evenflo Doorway Jumper + High Chair Deals

Swagbucks – Maximize your SB

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Here is my guide to reaching your full earning potential with minimal effort (time and SB) on Swagbucks.com:

Daily Tasks (Monthly earning potential: ~$4.80)

  • Brand Activity – earns you 2 SB; some can be watched 2 or 3 times; reads as such and is usually located on the front page:

  • Daily Crave – earns you 1 SB; play video until it asks whether you like it or not
    • These don’t always work correctly for me for some reason
  • Daily Poll – answer and earn 1 SB
  • NOSO – earns you 2 SB; click the “More Deals” button until you reach the end and then enter the captcha letters
  • Play – 10 SB max per day (no matter how many games played);  score is irrelevant so just lose and repeat; it is best to pick a game where it doesn’t take much time to go through (my game of choice currently is Swagasaurus Run)

When You Have Extra Time (Monthly earning potential: unlimited)

  • Coupons – earns you 10 SB for every in-store coupon you print and redeem successfully; US only; may take up to 12 weeks after using coupon for SB to show up in your account
  • Search – usually awards SB (varies in amount) every 4-8 searches
    • Try to search 3x a day (morning, afternoon, night)
  • Shop – many retailers are partners with Swagbucks and offer a certain amount of SB for every $1 spent.  Before checking out online, see if the particular store is on the list.
  • Peanut Lab Surveys – not an activity I do a lot currently but others have mentioned Peanut Labs surveys as one of the best ways to earn SB
    • The higher SB ones where you have to sign up (enter your information) often involve lots of clicking and sometimes confusion
    • Can lead to large amounts of SPAM as well — best to use a separate email address
    • There are also short quizzes (don’t have to answer all questions) you can take and videos you can watch for a quick 1 SB.  Also have seen activities such as clicking through a flier/ad.
  • Swag Codes – Swag Codes are posted on their website, Facebook site, twitter, blog, etc.; simply enter swag code (usually a phrase) into textbox to earn 2-4 SB
    • You can also use http://sc-s.com or the SBCodez site as a daily reference (check 2-3 times a day)!
  • nCrave – Basically the same as Daily Crave
  • nGage – Videos load in a seperate window; click “Next Page” button as it appears clickable after exploring content; 2 SB each time
  • Take a Discovery Break – Located on the frontpage; watch videos and earn 2 SB
  • Take a Quick Quiz – Located on the frontpage; 2 SB
  • Watch (Videos) – recently updated by Swagbucks
    • Starts and plays through automatically with ads in between; watch in background
    • You can earn up to 500 SB a day for watching unique videos

..this is now where the earnings really start to add up:

On your iPhone or Android phone:

**The key here on each of these is to find the shortest videos**

  • Swagbucks TV 36 SB (iOS and Android) *

    • 2 SB per 5 videos watched
    • Find the “10 Sec Tip” videos and add them to your Favorites
    • Watch from your favorites and let them autorun
    • When you’ve reached the maximum for the day, a message will appear letting you know
  • Entertainow 10 SB (iOS and Android) *

    •  2 SB per 15 videos watched
    • Find the video called “Touch: The Complete First Season” under the category “TV Spots” and add it to your Favorites
      • This is the only one you will want to favorite since it is the shortest
  • Moviecli.ps  10 SB (iOS and Android)
    • 2 SB per 15 videos watched
    • Find the video “The Other Woman” (this is the current shortest) and add to your favorites
  • Sportly.tv 10 SB (iOS and Android)
    • 2 SB per 15 videos watched
  • Lifestylz.tv 10 SB (iOS and Android) *
    • 2 SB per 15 videos watched
    • The shortest videos are any labeled with “10 Sec Tips” under the “Home&Garden” channel
      • Add these to your Favorites and watch until you reach the daily limit


  • Reach your daily goal
    • Check your ‘Daily Goal’ meter.  When you meet your goal, you’ll earn bonus SB points {located at the top of the homepage}
      • These SB are paid out on the 5th of every month
    • Daily Goal rewards increase over time the more you complete it and the more SB you earn per day
    • Winning Streaks are earned by reaching your goal each day:
7 Day Star
Meet your daily goal 7 days in a row
Earn 25 SB Bonus
14 Day Fanatic
Meet your daily goal 14 days in a row
Earn 100 SB Bonus
21 Day Triumph
Meet your daily goal 21 days in a row
Earn 200 SB Bonus
Monthly Master
Meet your daily goal every day for a month
Earn 300 SB Bonus




*Referral SB’s are paid out as they’re earned


Bonus tips:

  • Take Advantage of Monthly Cash-Out Discounts
    • When you cash out for your first $25 gift card each month, it will be for 2,200 SB vs. the regular 2,500 SB

I aim for 100 a day / 700 a week / ~2800 to 3500 a month

GOAL: $35.00 / month ( certainly not a lot but does help 🙂 )

CURRENT EARNINGS AS OF 9/4/2016: $220!

Don’t know what Swagbucks is? Check out this overview.

Want to sign up?  Click here 🙂


? Indoor Bike Exercise Trainer Stand Just $45 Shipped

Save money by buying this instead of an expensive exercise bike!

product image

Magnet Steel Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

Only $50 shipped (regularly $199.99)

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Related: Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand – $66.99

TopCashback: FREE Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds

Blue Diamond® Natural Dark Chocolate Flavor Oven Roasted Almonds 14 oz. Bag

>> Offer ends today!

Here’s how to claim your bag of Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds after the TopCashback Offer:
  • First go here and sign up for an account (must be a new member to be eligible for this deal*)
  • Once registered, go back to the previous link and click on the “Get Offer Now” button
  • TopCashback will redirect you to Walmart.com where you will purchase one 14oz package of Blue Diamond Dark Chocolate Almonds for $7.35 (be sure to choose in store pickup) (make sure nothing else is in your cart!)
  • Within 14 days, $8.10 will be credited straight to your checking or PayPal account

*This offer is available to new TopCashback members only. However as TopCashback doesn’t limit accounts to one per household, if you’re an existing member now’s the perfect time to tell your husband or wife, mom or dad, roommate, neighbor, friend or anyone else about TopCashback and perhaps they’ll share their freebie with you! Ask them to sign-up through your Tell-A-Friend link and you’ll earn $10 for each new TopCashback member who goes on to take out this deal.


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