The 365 Day Challenge


So its a new year, which means a fresh start with new goals and ambitions 🙂

Don’t fret — Money Saving Quest is here to help you with your financial-related goals!

The first challenge for this year is one that lies dear to our core: the 365 Day Challenge. It is a spin on the 52 week money saving challenge. Although there are many variations out there, I will be trying the one outlined here (and I hope you will, too!) by, as people from all different financial situations can participate. Here are the details and resources you will need:

365 Day Challenge

How it works

  • Each morning (yes, everyday!) pay yourself first an amount from to $3.65.
    • Doing so on a daily basis requires you to think about it each day, and thus, make it a habit.
  • After paying yourself, “X” out the amount on the printable challenge chart (see below).
  • Pay any remaining amounts the following day.
  • Continue doing so for 365 days

Tips / Resources

  • Place your challenge sheet in a place where it will act as a reminder each day
  • You can pay in order or out of order, whichever you prefer.
    • If paying in order, it will look like this:

Day 1: 1 cent

Day 2: 2 cents

Day 100: 1.00

Day 365: 3.65


  • You can create a jar that will be used solely to hold the savings (coins and bills)
  • Another great idea is to transfer/deposit directly into your savings account
    • Only if there are no fees associated with doing so
  • There are some mobile apps out there that can help with the process:


(click on image to enlarge & print)

365 Day Saving Money Challenge

End Results/Goal

After the 365 days, you will have saved a total of $667.95. This is a good amount to start an emergency fund, use towards home improvements, etc.

Once completed, you are likely to continue on with this as it will become a daily habit 🙂


Comment with any saving tips/tricks that you find helpful



“It’s Not How You Save – It’s That You Save”



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