EQtainment – Q Wunder Party Review

I was recently selected to host a EQtainment ‘Q Wunder’ party (by Tryazon). Below you will find my detailed review ?


EQtainment Information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eqtainment/


What Was Included In The Party Pack:


^ Look how beautifully packaged this was sent ^

  • Q’s Race To The Top Board Game
  • Q’s On The Go Pack (great for long car rides!)
  • Q-Time Buddy
  • Q’s Coloring Book


  • Q’s Wild Ride CD & Storybook
  • FREE download to the new Q Wunder app

*  Note: I will be focusing on the Board Game and Mobile App for this review *

Board Game Review:

The basic idea of the “Q’s Race to the Top” game is to, as the name suggests, be the first to get Q to the top of his tree house by answering questions and performing certain actions listed on the cards.  The three sets of cards are as follows:

  • DO (Orange) – Asks the player to perform a certain action such as “Strike a funny pose while making a funny face.  Hold still while the other players count to 20.”  Helps with mental and emotional control through action, as well as balance and coordination.  These cards were probably the favorite of the group.
  • YOU (Blue) – Asks the player a personal question such as “What does it mean to be thankful? Name something you are thankful for.”  Helps practice manners, creative thinking, and communication skills.
  • Q (Green) – Asks the player situational questions involving Q the monkey such as “Q noticed that a little boy was sitting alone at the playground and not playing with the group.  What should Q say to the boy to make him feel included?”  Helps with social skills and social awareness.

Game play is relatively quick and the rules are similar to other board games your kids are familiar with (i.e. “Candy Land”).

In my opinion, the best part of the game is it’s ability to get kids to open up and share their thoughts.  With its thought provoking questions, the game gives the opportunity to speak your mind, even to those who tend to share very little.  I must say that it was interesting to see the answers given, providing an insight into how kids think.

If you are looking to improve your kid’s social and emotional skills in a FUN way, I would highly recommend this game.

Q Wunder App Review:


[Available on Apple iOS and Android]

The Q Wunder App gives parents a number of resources to help develop their child’s EQ.

Just fill out the 5 minute questionnaire and you will receive customized learning content geared towards your child’s needs.

As they grow and learn, you can also track their progress each step of the way.

My son is especially a big fan of the games and videos in the Kid Zone.


Purchases of the products can be made here or on Amazon!

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