Brainstream Beep Egg Review

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I was recently selected by Tryazon to review the Brainstream Beep Egg. Below you will find my review 🙂

Overall Summary + Review

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The BeepEgg looks like an egg, it feels like an egg, boils like an egg, but unlike an egg it sings.

The Beep Egg is a kitchen gadget that helps cook perfectly boiled eggs by playing a song when it reaches a desired state.  There are 3 different songs that this egg timer plays based on the level of yolk and egg-white hardness:

  • Soft Boiled – “OH SUSANNA”
  • Medium-Soft Boiled – “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME”

Although the concept is intriguing and genius, I was unable to get it to work properly.  The timing seemed way off, as the first tune came on after only 30 seconds (clearly not enough time to soft boil an egg).  I may have missed a step in the instructions or something, however, so I will be giving it another try in the future.

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