NBA Star Jeff Teague Moves Back In With His Parents

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Add Jeff Teague to the list of cost-conscious athletes (Ryan Broyles, Kawhi Leonard, etc.):

With Jeff Teague’s trade from Atlanta to Indiana, he has the opportunity to go home. His parents are from Indianapolis and still live there, and since Teague is one of the most frugal and cost-conscious NBA players even in this era when everyone is making insane money hand-over-fist, he’s moving into his parents’ basement for the next season.

In an interview with FOX Sports Radio in Indianapolis, he explained his decision as well as why he’s so spend-thrift:

“I bought a home here some years back, and when I re-signed back with Atlanta, I just decided that I was going to live in Atlanta. And I just gave the house to my mom and dad. And now, I sold my house in Atlanta, so I’m moving back. So now I’m gonna live in my old house with my mom and dad.”

He’ll be making $8 million next season with the Pacers, and seeing as his contract is up next summer when every free agent is going to be banking insane amounts of dough, even beyond the superstars, his salary is likely going up in the future. There’s also a good possibility of a long lockout in the future when no paychecks are coming, so this money could be useful for a rainy day or two… or more.

And for all of the stories circulating about how athletes don’t save their money, no one should be critical of a highly paid player who is doing the exact opposite. Well done Jeff Teague.

[Read More from Matt Lichtenstadter at MSN Sports here]

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