Fresh Baby My Plate Set Review

Encouraging your child to drink more water. #DrinkUP

I was recently selected by Tryazon to review the Fresh Baby My Plate Set. Below you will find a detailed review of each item in the set 🙂

Overall Summary

The goal of the Fresh Baby My Plate Set is simply to promote healthy eating habits to children and I believe it accomplishes this nicely.   If you’re a parent looking to do so, this set gives you an added boost in making your child’s mealtime healthy and nutritional (even if you have picky eaters!).

My son, who is on the older side of the recommended age, has been mainly using these.  He is just starting to learn about and implement healthy choices so this was a nice educational bonus.  He was even excited to feed my daughter (9 months old) using the colorful items in this set.

As I haven’t had the set for that long, I’m unsure about the overall quality.  They seem to be holding up well so far, however.

What’s included in the 7 piece set: (1) 5-Section MyPlate, (1) MyPlate Bowl, (1) Dairy Training Cup, (1) Daily Food Plan, and (1) 3-piece Cutlery Set with carrying case.



Fresh Baby Information

5-Section MyPlate

This plate consists of 4 divided sections in different sizes for fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains.  There is also a 5th section for dairy products or it can be used to hold a cup or other small container.  It has a colorful, vibrant design that is very appealing to 2-5 year olds and makes mealtime fun.   My son enjoyed reading and discussing the different food groups listed on the plate (can be a great educational tool).

By using this plate, you will be better able to make your child’s mealtime healthy as well as promote eating a rainbow of colors.

The best thing about this plate, though, is it helps with portion control.  It can be a daunting task to figure out how much to serve but this is helpful in determining the appropriate amounts to give a balanced meal (think of it as a “blueprint”).  As a result, you will waste less food.

MyPlate Bowl

This triangular shaped bowl comes detached from the plate, so it makes for a nice side dish for such food as salad, soup, or cereal.   It would also be an ideal snack bowl for in between meals.  I have been putting Cheerios in it for my daughter.

MyPlate Dairy Training Cup

The Dairy Training Cup is transparent and has measuring marks on one side to show you how much beverage you are filling the cup with.   There are fill lines for 4 oz (1/2 cup) and 6 oz (3/4 cup) that can help with portion control.  The cup, decorated with fun imagery, is a perfect size for little hands to hold.  

It comes with a reduced flow lid to prevent children from spilling.  If lids aren’t needed, you can use the cup without the top as well.

One negative is that it does seem a little unsturdy (light weight) and can be easily knocked/tipped over if not careful.

Daily Food Plan

The Daily Food Plan is a durable, two-sided reference card with daily serving size guidance for different age groups (age 2 to 5).  There is English text on the front and Spanish text on the back.  You can hang it on the fridge for a quick reference.

Another additional usage idea for this item would be to use as a small place mat.   My son referred to this as a “menu” 🙂

Cutlery Set with Travel Case

This 3 piece cutlery set includes a fork, spoon and knife that are great for children learning to use silverware.  They are contoured to be easy to use and to help keep food on better.   The quality seems to be decent.  It also comes with a carrying case (almost carrot-shaped) that can be personalized.  This case makes it easy to bring along on vacations or to restaurants.

My daughter will be using these when she is ready to start using silverware.


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*I received this set in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions expressed are solely my own*

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