Aldi vs Walmart Grocery Prices (Business Insider)

The German grocery chain Aldi offers drastically cheaper prices than Walmart, according to a recent price check.

We compared the prices of 34 items at an Aldi store in Richmond, Virginia, to an identical set of items at a nearby Walmart store.

The Aldi basket was about 30% cheaper than the total at Walmart.

The bills came to $89.48 at Aldi and $115.86 at Walmart, after we accounted for the products’ varying package sizes and calculated those differences into the final price.

Aldi was cheaper in fresh produce as well as packaged goods.

We found the biggest price differences between the two retailers on peanut butter, flour, butter, quinoa, apples, grapefruit, flour tortillas, and coconut oil.

Here’s the full list of our results:

Aldi vs. Walmart

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