Extreme Couponer Uses Skills to Help Others

Steinberg has been juggling her schedule at Tufts University with the coupon program.

Props to this girl for giving back using her coupon skills!

You can check out her website here to find ways you can help donate to her cause.

On that day about four years ago, Steinberg’s show of choice was “Extreme Couponing,” the cable program that follows discount-obsessed shopaholics who go to supreme lengths to buy ultra-cheap items regardless of whether they need them.

But as she watched the show’s stars proudly hoard their deeply discounted prizes, Steinberg said she had a thought: What if she could coupon with a conscience?

These days, the 20-year-old Steinberg has a registered charity that has donated more than $100,000 worth of household items, canned goods, and electronics to homeless shelters and hospitals by using the couponing tricks she observed on the show.

Stores, private couponing companies, and online marketplaces frequently offer discounts on the same items in any given store, which savvy shoppers can combine, Steinberg said.

What “Extreme Couponers” do is meticulously keep track of who is offering which discounts, and then buy in bulk to maximize each dollar saved.

Steinberg uses the example of a chocolate bar priced at $1.19.

If she finds a buy one, get one free coupon, and pairs it with a buy two, get one free coupon and a $4 off any $10 purchase discount, Steinberg said she can purchase 30 chocolate bars for only $6.

To fund her purchases, Steinberg solicits donations to Our Coupons Care, her federally recognized nonprofit charity. By mixing that money with her coupon magic, Steinberg said she can make “every dollar count for four to five dollars.”

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