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Men’s Health: Why Scoring a Bargain Feels As Good As Sex


I came across this Men’s Health article this morning and thought I’d share 🙂

Check out the full article here that discusses a study by the University of Michigan that found that “finding bargains could feel as pleasurable as sex”.  It also explains some tricks that retailers use to make you think you’re getting a deal, when you’re really not.

Here are some tidbits:

While scanning shoppers’ brains, researchers discovered that some of the same brain areas that light up during sex are also active when you hit the checkout aisle.

Your brain releases the feel-good hormone dopamine during sex, but also when you find products at low prices—kind of like when your caveman ancestors discovered a large amount of food in a barren environment, says Daniel Kruger, Ph.D., a research assistant professor at Michigan.

..But there’s one big problem: Marketers know this—and they use it to their advantage. They make you think you’re getting a bargain when you’re really not.

That also drives your desire to stockpile items, too. Marketers bank on your brain’s pleasure zones lighting up at deals like “buy three for the price of one” or “buy two, get one free!”


How do you feel when you get a great deal on an item?


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