Shoppingtown JCPenney to Close in April

For those in the Syracuse area..

According to The Post-Standard, the JCPenney store in Shoppingtown Mall is set to close its doors around April 8, 2016.

There are likely many deals to be had from now until then!



More bad news for ShoppingTown Mall..

Pop’s is closing because his labor costs are double his sales. He also said Las Vegas-based Moonbeam Capital Investments LLC, which owns the mall, won’t agree to lower the rent on the storefronts.

“Macy’s and Dick’s closing were death blows, and then you add Penney’s into that,” he said. “Without the traffic in the mall, the smaller stores can’t survive.”

The cafe, which sells used books and DVDs, will close before Sunday if all the items are gone. Sorenson said he’s selling them at a discount, and donating some to local organizations or churches. Any teachers who want books are welcome to come in, he said.


Post below with any deals you find or with your favorite Shoppingtown memory 🙂

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