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New Samples At PINCHme

New samples are now live at PINCHme.com!

The ones that were available to me included:

~~Olay Ultra Moisture body wash
~~ZzzQuil™ Sleep Aid
~~Nizoral® Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Want to sign up?  Head  here to do so 🙂

Get Your Alabama National Championship Gear!

Alabama Crimson Tide National Championship Gear


Alabama Crimson Tide Nike College Football Playoff 2015 National Champions Locker Room T-Shirt - BlackAlabama-Crimson-Tide-Plush-FootballAlabama Crimson Tide Nike College Football Playoff 2015 National Champions Players Locker Room Performance Snapback Adjustable Hat - Black




Staples Rewards: Check Your Email Inbox

Are you a Staples Rewards member?  If so, login to your email account and check for a Mystery Rewards Certificate that could be worth up to $1,000!

Subject line:$5, $500, even $1,000 could be waiting for you.

From: staples@easy.staples.com

Simply follow these steps to redeem:

1. Print your Mystery Rewards certificate
2. Visit your nearest Staples® store
3. Reveal your amount at checkout

Valid through 1/13 only

*Update: I was able to get $12 Internet Shipping Labels for just over $2!*

MSQ Wisdom / Frugal Tips – Sell your Digital HD Codes

Have you recently purchased any new Blu-ray movies? Check inside for Digital HD (Ultraviolet) codes!

My Tip: *Sell these codes*

New releases tend to sell better than older movies, but you can except to get $2 – $8 depending on the title.  Doing so helps to get some of your initial investment back on the purchase of the movie.  Also, this often makes it a better idea to get the Blu-ray version rather than the regular DVD.

From a buying perspective, purchasing these codes can save you money.  Although you won’t have the physical copy, you’ll have a digital copy that you can watch over and over again.


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