Series Recap: Non-Major Cell Phone Providers (MVNOs)







In December (2015) and earlier this month, I reviewed the services and offerings from six different non-major mobile providers (Mobile Virtual Network Operators).

Here are the links to each overview:

After my research, I decided to go with Consumer Cellular to replace my AT&T plan.

Here is the reasoning behind this decision:

  • Price
    • I will be saving roughly $60 each month (and have a much nicer phone)
  • Remaining on the AT&T Network
  • Ability to bring your own phone over
  • Offering of the iPhone 5s
  • Offering of a payment plan
    • Don’t have to shell out the full price of a new phone at once
  • $20 Credit Off offer
  • Excellent customer support

I really like what Republic Wireless has to offer, but they don’t currently offer the ability to bring my wife’s phone over.

As I just switched over a few days ago, I will post an update when I’ve been with Consumer Cellular a bit longer.  I can tell you, though, that it’s nice to be not locked into a contract!

**If you’re interested in CC and found my overview helpful, please let me know.  When you sign up for service, we will both get a $10 referral credit.**

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