AT&T: 2 Year Contracts Going Away

AT&T is finally saying goodbye to contracts!

Instead of signing a contract, AT&T customers buying new smartphones will have to sign up for an “AT&T Next” device payment plan, in which they pay off the cost of their phone over the course of time. AT&T will officially stop offering contracts on January 8.

The Next plans tend to be cheaper than the two-year contracts, and they offer customers perks such as no down payment and the ability to upgrade early.

Two-year contracts have become virtually extinct, as cell phone companies look to end expensive phone subsidies.

That’s not just a good deal for the carriers — it’s good news for consumers too. Ending the two-year deals adds transparency to what used to be an opaque process. It was unclear how much you were paying each month for your phone and how much you were paying for your service.

[See more from David Goldman at CNN Money…]

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