Republic Wireless: An Overview

“A better way to connect”


The Details (How it Works)

Republic Wireless is a MVNO that offers a a low cost mobile phone service option (starting at $10 a month).  This company is very devoted to their customers and are always looking to improve.

They have a patented hybrid calling experience.  Basically how it works is that Wi-Fi networks are used primarily (the default), while Sprint’s cellular network is used as a fall back if no Wi-Fi networks are in range.  This switch is done seamlessly and automatically. As a result, this saves you money and offers you more coverage.

Here are some more details…
  • Coverage / Performance overview
    • Nationwide coverage provided by Sprint (4G/LTE data)
    • Check your coverage here
    • Adequate but it is not 100% reliable (dropped calls, etc.)
  • Phones
    • You cannot bring your own phone, as you must purchase/use a Republic Wireless provided phone
      • This is because the phones have a specialized ROM that allows the hybrid cell + WiFi calling technology (as mentioned above)
    • The phones are engineered to work across multiple networks
    • Choose from the Motorola Moto E, Moto X, and Moto G Android Phones:

Moto E (Black) (2nd Gen.)

Moto X (Black) (2nd Gen.)

Moto G (8GB) (Black) (3rd Gen.)







  • No-Contract Plans
    •  Republic Wireless pays you back for the cell data that you don’t use every month
      • You can add additional data at any time as well

Here are the currently available base plans:

    • $5 – WiFi Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text/Data over WiFi
    • $10 – Base Plan: Unlimited Talk/Text over WiFi + Cell | Data over WiFi Only
    • $17.50 – Base Plan + 0.5 GB Cell Data
    • $25 – Base Plan + 1.0 GB Cell Data
    • $40 – Base Plan + 2.0 GB Cell Data
    • $55 – Base Plan + 3.0 GB Cell Data


  • Customer Support
    • No call center – customer service via emails, live chat, and forums only
      • If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can submit a help ticket online or talk to someone on live chat


The answer

This month (12/2015), I’ll be reviewing the services/offerings from certain non-major providers such as Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). 

Previous overviews: StraightTalk Wireless | Consumer Cellular | FreedomPop | Net10 Wireless | Ting Wireless

Each service will be looked at in detail, as I make a decision as to what to direction to go in when my current contract ends later this month.

Stay tuned for more!

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