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No, not the stuff that bees make, nor what you call your significant other.

I’m taking about Honey, the browser extension.  One that you can download this Holiday season and possibly score deals that you might otherwise have not been aware of.  And since we don’t like to overpay here at Money Saving Quest, let’s check it out.

What is Honey?

Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies active coupon codes for you at checkout when online shopping.

It’s goal is to save you both money and time.

Does it work with all browsers?

The following browsers are currently supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It is not available with IE or on a mobile phone.

How do I install and use it?

Go to www.joinhoney.com and click on “Get Honey” to begin the download process.

Once complete, a button will be placed in your browser bar with the honey “H” logo. While shopping at a supported store, click on it to view all available sales and coupon codes. During the checkout process, simply click the “Try Codes” button and Honey will automatically find and apply them for you.

How accurate is it?

Let’s test it out on a item where I know there are coupon codes for.

The Disney Store is currently offering a deal on personalized fleece blankets.  If working correctly, the codes JUSTFURYOU (Free Shipping on a $50+ purchase and 20% off) and FREEPZ (Personalized for free) should be applied successfully.

Result — It seems to apply the right codes but for whatever reason the codes don’t input successfully.  The codes do show up under Coupons, however.










Also, you can get HoneyGold rewards on certain purchases that can be redeemed for such things as Amazon gift cards.  A message (like the one below) appears when there is an available offer.   Simply press the “Get” button and check out as you normally do.
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