MSQ: October Challenge



This is the first ever Money Saving Quest challenge!

Challenges will be monthly and I will try to make them both interesting and inspiring.  If you have any ideas for future ones, please let me know 🙂

Anyways, onto the first challenge…

Challenge #1

Here at Money Saving Quest, we believe in helping others.  We also believe in removing clutter from our lives so we can focus on what matters most.  The challenge this month is to simply go through your old clothes and other items in your house that you have no use for.  Fill a trash bag (or two!) with them and then donate to a local charity of your choice.

Giving means everything

…and can be anything! From shirts and pants to housewares, or even exercise equipment and electronics. Your old stuff can go a long way for someone new. Even great grandma’s old tattered fur coat could be used to keep kittens warm in an animal shelter. How cool is that? Look around your home—you might find there’s more to give than you thought.

The above quote by the Glad to Give campaign is the inspiration for this challenge.

As part of this campaign they are giving away a FREE Yellow Bag in hopes that it will inspire you to donate items to your local charity.


Post a comment and let us know what you were #GladToGive !


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