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What Is It and Why You Should Use It

Ebates (ebates.com) is a free website that pays its members cash back every time they shop at over 1,800 participating online stores.

When you sign up, you’ll instantly earn a $10 gift card of your choice!

This should be made part of your process every time you shop online as you will get a little money back for each purchase.

How It Works

Simply visit Ebates before you begin your online shopping.  Search for the store you wish to order from and click the orange “Shop Now” button.

You will be then directed to the store’s website where you will do your shopping as you normally do.  Behind the scenes, Ebates will track how much you spend.

After a purchase is made, you’ll earn a percentage of that amount which gets deposited into your Ebates account.  These percentages vary and fluctuate regularly.  Be on the lookout for high percentages in the 6%-12% range.

Note: you must enter the store’s website through Ebates to get cash back


Payments (also known as “Big Fat Checks”) are sent to you every three months for purchases posted during the previous quarter (see schedule below).  Your balance must be $5.01 or more.  Otherwise, the balance will be carried over to the next check until you reach this amount.

Purchases Posted Between Big Fat Check Sent
Jan 1-Mar 31 May 15
Apr 1-June 30 Aug 15
July 1-Sept 30 Nov 15
Oct 1-Dec 31 Feb 15

Other than getting a check mailed to you, you can receive your payment via PayPal or have it sent to your favorite charity or another individual.

Most cash back rewards are credited within 48 hours, but some may take longer.
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